Month: August 2017

Black Sunset

The Marliir Estate, Dining Room


The visiting merchant’s dagger came up to strike the count, but before it came down again, the lady he was sitting next to had brought her fist up between his thighs. With a heartfelt scream of agony, he dropped the dagger before falling backwards into the lady’s lap. She brought her elbow down onto his throat and held it there until the guards arrive to drag him off.

She took off her snood, and as she did, the circlet became a hat of deep green sporting an iridescent band, the lady’s skim darkened to a deep grey, her eyes changed from blue to a deep violet, and her hair shifted from a complex braid to a set of black ringlets.

“Quite right, my lord Count, there was someone looking to take your life. I do wonder who would benefit from it,” Meliantha added, thoughtfully, looking around the room for anyone who seemed less than surprised.

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